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Back-Stage Passes
Buy a Ticket to Backstage to interact with your favorite Artist Or Celebrity.
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Back-Stage Passes
We offer one-on-one or group exchanges with your favorite. (artist or celebrity)
Back-Stage Passes
We connect the bridge between fans and artists with our all inclusive, live-streaming platform.

Celebrities - Create Your Event

With Back-Stage Passes you can create events with just a few clicks. Backstage will also assist your fans to buy tickets.

Fans - Find New Events

With Back-Stage Passes, you can explore, find and buy tickets directly from your favorite artists to watch their live-streamed events.

Watch your favorite artists host events; live and in realtime

You can watch an event on any smart device:

How does it work?

Explore Events

Fans can explore thousands of events hosted by their favorite artists with Back-Stage Passes

Buy Tickets

Fans can book tickets for online events with any artist using Back-Stage Passes

Stay Inside and Enjoy

On the day of the event, fans will be able to watch the live event from the comfort of their own home.

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