About Us

Are you one of those people that would love to visit their favorite artist or celebrity? If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. At Backstage-Passes you can use not only our all in one live streaming but also our interactive content. One on one-time, private group sessions, going backstage to visit… the choice is yours.

Who are we?

We are a new interactive website that allows fans to connect with their favorite artist or celebrity. We also offer an option to that same fan to watch an event from the comfort of their own choice – home, mall, coffee house etc. through live streaming.
As previously stated, we also offer one on one or multiple interaction with the artist or celebrity of choice. You can be chosen to perform Q/A as you take your virtual tour backstage.

Our Goal

Our purpose is simple. We want to close the gap between fans and performers. We want to give fans up close and personal experience with their favorite celebrities.It will give celebrity’s an opportunity to meet their fans at a whole new level .
Additional Information
This website is 100 percent responsive and is perfectly working on computers, laptops, tablets and phones with Android and Apple software. The website is also capable of managing multiple live streams at the same time.
The fans would be able to view the upcoming events on the website and click on whichever they want to attend. They will be directed to a “Sign In” page and will be allowed to purchase their ticket. The ticket would be delivered through email. A reminder email will follow at the day of the event.
Regarding the celebrities, they will also have to complete the registration process. After registration, the event organizer/ performer will receive an option to create a page where they will be able to create their concert/ show and input the necessary information and requirements. There will be a calendar there as well and the celebrity would be able to save the date, to set the price and load up a picture. After being accepted from the admin, the event will appear on the page.
Besides performances, shows and concerts, the celebrities will have the option to host live behind the scenes experience. They would be able to send links to fans and stream the whole process. Celebrities will also have the option to host Q/A with a group from 1 to 5,000 people and charge whatever fee they desire for it.
Producers and managers could also sign up with the chosen guest name with the feature they plan on selling regarding if it is one on one time or group time with the celebrity. This is a private event and fans must purchase tickets to attend. The promotor, manager and producer are the ones that together with the artists will decide about the price of that event and how many people are going to attend. They can also sell tickets to fans that could not make it to the concert and to fans that seek either the backstage , concerts , or one on one experience.